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then you do not know any thing about love do you realy Dylan.

then you do not know any thing about love do you realy Dylan.

I asked a lady away and she said me and called me a coward that she hated. I never did such a thing, though I attempted to create a great impression on her behalf but she simply called me personally a coward.

Dude ask simply pay some teenagers with big boobs to allow you touch them although the woman watch’s and get parents to stay in activities and then look cool then u need a dade utilizing the hottest woman 2 grades older than both you and she’ll reconsiter

I like another person’s but we are buddies just how do I got out from the close buddy Zone

I know that the woman i like knows i like her but she. S always along with her friends and she hangs down with guys that annoy me personally i dont understand if the she likes certainly one of them i go out along with her along with her friends often plus one of this guys she hangs out with knows i like her he annoys me personally the absolute most he, s always triping her then grabs her hand and pulls her right back up he, s a supid brief ugly kid however you can’t say for sure often if im walking along with her he can arbitrarily part of to get in btw us after all the very first tweme i met her we where viewing fire works and making jokes then again whenever she, s in school shes in a diffrent mood she, s only in 1 of my classes that kid is within that course into the only class i have actually her in that kid is within now she just functions like im a few random individual but before I happened to be therefore near to asking her out then i didnt and she started initially to not really understand I happened to be here thats whenever I just had no further guts to ask her away just what should I really do